Executive Director

Robert Clark’s Message


BC-currentOCASA strives to advocate for all school-based administrators by communicating their interests, ideas and concerns. Communication is a primary element for effective leadership and OCASA wants to insure that your voices are heard where they would make a difference. Open dialogue from principals/directors and assistant principals/directors on the issues that effect the day-to-day operation of schools is essential. Representation on the OCASA Board of Directors includes representation from elementary, middle (including K-8), high schools and postsecondary. Board members are elected by their respective groups and via the OCASA General Election. We need a broad perspective if we are to be aware of all the issues and concerns confronted by your position/assignment and we welcome your suggestions for making improvements. Orange County Public Schools is blessed with talented and capable school-based leaders and OCASA’s goal is to move your ideas and suggestions to the executive leadership in the District for discussion and consideration. Please encourage your peers to join OCASA and participate in this critical dialogue so together we can make a difference.

Recent legislation has changed the ways in which OCPS can utilize their funds to combat unwarranted interference from external vested interest groups in our community who do not have the best interests of our students, faculty, staff and schools as our primary goal. OCASA and our participation in various political action venues permits us to support the district in a tangible way to combat controversial ideas that do not promote student learning and a quality work environment for our employees. The superintendent has recognized OCASA as part of the team and has called on us to participate in discussions and actions to improve the educational quality of OCPS.

OCASA continues to be actively involved with thirteen other school districts throughout the
I-4 corridor from Volusia/Brevard counties to Hillsborough/Pinellas counties where statewide issues are discussed as well as those just across our county lines. We continue to monitor the salaries and benefits of our neighboring districts, for school-based administrators, to insure that the OCPS investment in our administrators does not prepare our educational leaders to leave and go elsewhere to secure enhanced compensation or benefits. In addition, when districts are going through difficult times, our consortium of districts shares ideas and actions that have been successful.

Challenges never seem to be in short supply for public education, but together with our mutual concern and innovative ideas we can be an essential voice for school improvement. Please check the OCASA Website, www.myocasa.net for information and updates on the latest information and share your input with board members or me at clarkb1@earthlink.net.